Stores selling out of sanitizer/masks

Health officials have maintained that the risk of actually getting coronavirus is very low.

That hasn't stopped people from rushing out to get protective equipment like surgical masks and hand sanitizer.

Store shelves were bare at drug stores in Toronto on Tuesday, with one Rexall claiming they'd run out of their fresh stock, by 11am.

Many places were expecting new shipments either Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, but workers couldn't say how much sanitizer they'd be getting.

And masks didn't even come in some of the shipments made to stores.

When contacted by NEWSTALK1010, Rexall sent us this statement:

Rexall’s top priority is to provide patients with safe, high-quality health and wellness products to keep our families and communities healthy year-round. Rexall is monitoring the current state of the coronavirus closely with a focus on ensuring patients and employees have access to accurate information as it becomes available.

Although health officials currently assess the risk to Canadians to be low, Rexall is taking pre-emptive measures to bolster inventory. With an expected increase in demand for surgical masks and hand sanitizers, Rexall pharmacies are continuously working to ensure our customers and patients have access to flu related symptom and prevention products, including hand sanitizers, surgical masks, certain vitamins, and gloves.

Without stock in stores, you turn to online, but it turns out that is also not a good option.

A search on Amazon, shows many bottles of sanitizer are sold out or could only be shipped in three weeks time.

You could opt for buying in bulk, but obviously that comes with a higher pricetag.