US Justice Department in talks with Huawei CFO: Report


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the US Justice Department is in talks with the CFO of Huawei over a potential deal.

The Journal reports the DOJ is discussing a deal with Meng Wanzhou that would allow her to return to China from Canada, in exchange for admitting wrongdoing in a criminal case that has weighed heavily on Beijing's relationship with the U.S. and Canada.

People familiar with the matter say lawyers for Meng — who's facing wire and bank fraud charges — have spoken to officials with the Justice Department in recent weeks about the possibility of reaching a deferred prosecution agreement.

An agreement like that would likely have Meng admit to some of the allegations against her, but prosecutors would agree to potentially defer and later drop the charges if she cooperated, the Journal's sources said.

So far Meng has reportedly resisted the deal.