WATCH: Passengers say GO schedule changes have led to massive overcrowding

Some GO Transit passengers are worried about schedule changes which they say have caused dangerous overcrowding on the platform at Union Station.

Back in December, the Ford government announced changes on the Kitchener line, which runs through Brampton, boasting a 20 percent increase in service.

It meant that as of Monday, some morning trains that normally travel from Brampton to Union are beginning their trips in Kitchener and picking up more passengers.

In the afternoon, a popular express train to Brampton was cancelled.

That's been the biggest issue, according to a GO rider named Maggie.

"Basically two trains put on to one train with added stops so there's more people on the train," she tells NEWSTALK 1010.

Video posted to social media Wednesday shows the crush of people, barely able to move on the platform.

Maggie is worried it could lead to someone getting hurt.

"The more people came on, the less space their was to move," she explains. "You're not supposed to cross that yellow line...but you're walking on the yellow line to try to get to a space to stand that's sort of safer."

In statement to NEWSTALK 1010, Metrolinx says:

"Some of the adjustments in trips on the Kitchener corridor we made when we added new extended service this week unfortunately caused some congestion and crowding. We're monitoring very closely and senior management are attending stations personally. We have heard the feedback on the changes and we're working on solutions to serve them better.

We will keep customers informed as adjustments are made to improve their commute.

In the meantime, customers will see more Transit Safety Officers and customer service staff on the platforms and in the stations to help keep everyone safe."

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown says he's been hearing complaints from residents. He sent the following letter to Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek: