WATCH: Police release video showing SUV wanted in murder of 15-year-old

The interaction only lasted seconds.

In a flash, 15-year-old Jeremiah Ranger was dead.

The shooting happened around 6 o'clock on Sunday evening, near Jane and Sheppard.

On Monday, police say the boy and a friend were called, and got into a white Audi SUV. They didn't have time to even close the back door, before both were seen running from the vehicle.

Ranger only made it about 20 meters, before he collapsed. He was later pronounced dead in hospital.

The other boy continued running and wasn't hurt. He is co-operating with police.

Officers say they are looking for the people in the white SUV, but will only say they are looking for "several suspects".

It's unclear what the boys were doing in the SUV before the fatal shot was fired.