WATCH: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologizes for WE Charity scandal

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expressing disappointment in himself over the WE Charity scandal.

During this morning news conference, Trudeau says "I made a mistake in not recusing myself immediately from the discussions. I sincerely apologize."

WE Charity was awarded a $19.5 million sole-source to administer the Canada Student Service Grant, a $912 million program offering grants of between $1,000 and $5,000 to post-secondary students in return for supervised volunteer hours.

It has since cancelled the contract, citing the controversy surrounding it.

"When it came to this organization and this program, the involvement that I'd had in the past and that my family has should have had me remove myself from these discussions and I am sorry that I didn't," he said. "It also means that young people who are facing a difficult time right now getting Summer jobs, contributing to their communities are going to have to wait a little longer before getting those opportunities to serve and that's frustrating."

The prime minister's mother and brother made over $300,000, combined, for speaking at WE events. 

"I was very aware that members of my family had worked with and contributed to the WE organization but I was unaware of the details of the remuneration and I should have and I regret that," he conceded.

Trudeau wouldn't commit to testifying before the Finance Committee, as requested by the Conservatives.