WATCH: Three children pricked by discarded syringes outside Toronto school

Three kids had to be taken to hopsital, after picking up a syringe in Toronto, and pricking themselves.

Toronto Police say it happened near Roncesvalles and Dundas West, around 11:30 on Wednesday morning.

All police will say is that the kids reached through a fence, into a backyard, and grabbed the needles. They say it happened near a school.

But NEWSTALK1010 was able to learn that it happened at  St. Vincent De Paul Catholic School, not far away.

All three kids are 5-years-old, and may have been outside on their recess at the time.

Police have indicated, there won't be charges because the needles were left in a backyard.

NEWSTALK1010 spoke with a mom of one of the children, who now says the child must take 28-days worth of HIV-killing medication.

Police are suggesting parents have the conversation with children about the dangers of touching diuscarded syringes.