Baby Jesus stolen in Renfrew

Baby Jesus

Baby Jesus is missing from the nativity scene in Renfrew.

The four-kilogram, 45-centimetre figure was stolen from the outdoor nativity scene at Low Square  in front of Renfrew City Hall over the weekend.

Ontario Provincial Police believe the fiberglass-over-papier-mache figurine went missing either during the Renfrew Santa Claus Parade or later Saturday night.

Renfrew’s Put Christ Back in Christmas Committee sets up the nativity scene with the help of over 100 people. It takes about two-months to prepare the nativity scene.

Diana Wakely tells CTV News at Six this is not the first time Baby Jesus disappeared from the nativity scene.  Wakely says someone decided to take the figure along to some New Year’s Eve parties three years ago, and it was eventually returned.

The Put Christ Back in Christmas Committee is hoping baby Jesus returns to the nativity scene in time for Christmas. 

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