Big Trucks and dinosaurs take over Capreol

It has been two years since the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre in Capreol has been able to put on the Family Fun Big Truck showcase.

Now at the five-year mark of entertaining the public, organizers wanted to do something special.

 “We sourced out Jurassic Park and Sudbury dinosaur invasion to come and join us today. You can not go wrong with kids and dinosaurs and trains. It’s just been a wonderful day here,” said organizer Joanne Bowers.

The museum and heritage centre only opened for half of 2021, and although the event was free organizers say it’s been a great opportunity to remind the community that they are still here.

 “People haven’t been out here for a long time and they might have come once or twice when they were younger. Now they’ve got their families and they’re coming back. We’ve sold a lot of memberships today which is a good thing,” said Bowers.

Visitors enjoyed garbage trucks, a school bus, fire trucks new and old, a transport, paving equipment, a sidewalk sweeper, and trains.

 “Everyone is so excited. They’re happy to be here and they’re having a blast. We knew there would be a lot of people, but we never thought we’d have this many people and it’s so great to have everybody in the community,” Bowers said.

It’s anticipated that over three thousand people took in today’s event.