Breaking up is hard to do: Study shows bias of being in a relationship is the norm for most

The unnamed spy had become romantically involved with a Latvian woman -- despite warnings about fraternizing with locals. (Pexels CC0)

A new study from a Western University researcher shows people would rather move romantic relationships forward rather than end them.

The paper by Samantha Joel says lovers favour the initiation, advancement, and maintenance of romantic connections over choices that pause or end relationships.

The study was co-authored by Geoff MacDonald from the University of Toronto and shows it's easier to commit to the other person than it is to pull back in the short term.

This can leave people stuck in relationships they don't want to be in and aren't ideal.

Joel says this may come from our ancestors, who paired up out of necessity in order to pass down their genes.

“Making sure you’re paired off may have been more important for the survival of genes than being really choosy and finding an ideal match,” said Joel.

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