Brentwood Lottery hands out top prizes


An Essex woman is now the lucky owner of a $750,000 home after her ticket was pulled in this year’s Brentwood Lottery.

Marietta Campeau got the call from the folks at Brentwood Recovery home Saturday afternoon.

If she choses not to take the home, Campeau can also take $600,000 in cash.

Three people also walked away with new rides, including a Chrysler Pacifica, Chevy Silverado and a Ford Bronco.

A record 50,000 tickets were sold for this year’s draw with about 160 people winning a combined $1 million in prizes.

Proceeds from the lottery help to fund operations at the addictions recovery home on Dougall Avenue in Windsor.

On top of this year’s lottery, local philanthropist Al Quesnel made a big donation to Brentwood in memory of his father, Reginald.

“Al is very familiar with the journey and the work that we do here at Brentwood and Al has donated $600,000,” said Brentwood Executive Director, Elizabeth Dulmage.