Canada Post seeing 'Christmas level' parcel volumes during COVID-19 pandemic

Canada Post office in Ottawa

Canada Post is telling Canadians to expect delays with their parcel deliveries as it deals with “Christmas level” volumes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With many Canadians doing more online shopping while staying at home, the crown corporation says it is now processing and delivering parcels at levels normally only experienced during the busiest weeks before Christmas.

On Monday, Canada Post delivered more than 1.8 million packages to Canadians.

“That’s similar to the biggest delivery days we see during the Christmas season,” Canada Post said in a statement.

Canada Post says the heavy volume of parcels and physical distancing requirements in facilities means customers should expect delays while waiting for their parcel deliveries.

“The heavy incoming parcel volumes, combined with the important safety measures we’ve implemented in our processing facilities, mean it is taking longer to process,” said the crown corporation Thursday morning.

Canada Post has introduced several measures to encourage physical distancing and limit contact during the COVID-19 pandemic, including a “Knock, Drop and Go” approach for parcel delivery.

“Delivery employees knock or ring, choose the safest location available to leave the item and then depart for the next address,” says Canada Post. The move eliminates the need for signatures at the door.

Canada Post says customers can track their parcels online through or the Canada Post app.