Carleton University making COVID-19 vaccines mandatory to live in residence, play sports

Carleton University says students living in residence this school year must be fully vaccinated, along with those competing in varsity and competitive club sports for the Ravens.

In a statement on Twitter, Carleton University said Ottawa Public Health recently made two important recommendations for COVID-19 vaccines for Carleton students in anticipation of the fall term.

The first is all Carleton University students participating in activities that carry a higher risk of COVID-19 transmission, including living in residence and competing in varsity and competitive club sports must receive two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Students participating in music instruction must also receive two doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

Carleton University says unvaccinated students must receive the first dose of COVID-19 by Sept. 10, and the second dose by Oct. 15.

The other measure is all Carleton University students, staff and faculty must self-declare their COVID-19 vaccination status.  The university does not say how students, staff and faculty will be required to self-declare their COVID-19 vaccination status.

Carleton University says students who received one dose of Johnson and Johnson, or both doses of the Chinese-made Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines will be considered fully vaccinated.

Students who for medical or other protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code cannot be vaccinated may request an exemption to the mandatory vaccination policy.

The university will host vaccination clinics on campus in mid-August, early September and October to assist students, staff and faculty in getting the COVID-19 vaccine.


Carleton University says students living in residence will be required to receive their second dose by Oct. 15, 2021.

Students not fully vaccinated will be evicted from residence.

"Students choosing not to be vaccinated not qualifying for an exemption will have their Residence Agreement terminated and will be required to vacate residence based on the terms of the Agreement," said a statement on Carleton's website.

Students will move in to residence between Sept. 1 and 5.


The University of Ottawa previously announced all students living in residences must be fully vaccinated. All student-athletes competing for the Gee-Gees this coming season must have received a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine by Aug. 1, and the second dose by October 1.

The first is that Carleton require students who participate in activities that carry a higher risk of COVID-19 transmission, notably living in residences, to be fully vaccinated.

— Carleton University (@Carleton_U) August 5, 2021