Casino Regina and Moose Jaw post $19.1M profit with lifting of pandemic restrictions

Casino Regina and Moose Jaw had a winning year. On Monday they reported a $19.1 million profit as the lifting of pandemic related restrictions allowed people to return.

“We netted $19.1 million which was an increase from 2020-21 where we realized a $13.4 million loss, so it's really nice to see us sort of heading in that right direction,” Shanna Schulhauser from Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation said.

The casinos had been forced to close on two different occasions during the pandemic. Those periods were used to carry out renovations, giving the place a new look.

“We’re about 80 to 85 per cent complete right now. We’re sort of in that show lounge area making some upgrades to the box office and just outside the show lounge and we’ll eventually move into the show lounge in the start of next year for a couple of months and then be heading over to Moose Jaw to make some renovations there,” Schulhauser said.

Casino patron Jack Gebert was impressed with the changes. He’s been coming to the building since it was a train station.

“I rode the train a lot, particularity on Sundays over to Regina Beach for fifty cents,” he said.

Over the years steam technology has given way to electronic technology on the casino’s gaming floor.

“We get more technology now by far because now we’ve got players who are actually linked up to my table so these guys over here actually playing on my table whereas years ago you had you actually physically play it so the technology is actually getting more and more advanced,” casino dealer Curtis Oscienny said.

The next development will be online gaming. Casinos Regina and Moose Jaw are developing that technology with the help of the B.C. Lottery Corporation. By this fall, casino patrons will be able to play from home.