Caught on cam: Seagull tangled on light pole rescued in Courtenay, B.C.

A seagull that was seen dangling upside down from a light standard in Courtenay, B.C. ended up being rescue by a Telus employee in a bucket truck

The rescue unfolded around 8:45 a.m. Friday morning at the Tim Hortons parking lot on Cliffe Avenue in Courtenay.

Campbell Olmstead, who shot the video, was grabbing a coffee at the Tim Hortons at the time.

"I look up at the light post there and a bird is just hanging (on) what looked like a fishing line," Olmstead told CTV News.

"It was in lots of distress, cawing and trying to fly away," he said.

The Telus employee was nearby and was approached by two people asking if he could help.

"'Couple minutes later he’s up there in his bucket lift and brings the bird down in a bag," said Olmstead.

The two people on the ground then took the seagull to the MARS Wildlife Rescue Hospital in Merville.

Staff at the rescue centre say they're keeping an eye on one of the bird's feet, which was was wrapped in fishing line and had lost circulation. The seagull is in good health otherwise, according to MARS.

MARS staff are unsure how the bird ended up being tangled in fish line, and believe it may have had it around it’ foot before landing on the light post.