Chilly challenge to raise money for multiple sclerosis

An Edmonton man will spend three nights in an igloo he built if he raises money for multiple sclerosis (MS) research.

Tyler Gamblin, along with his wife and brother, built the colourful igloo in their front yard using Tupperware containers. It took around a month to build.

“The labour for love came as an idea from the neighbours and we have a cause that means a lot to us,” said Gamblin.

“People like something fresh when they’re paying money for good causes and I figured this would catch the eye of some people and hopefully they can donate to a good cause.”

MS is a disease of the brain and spinal cord, where the immune system attacks the protective layer that covers nerve fibers.

The disease runs in Gamblin’s family, he also participates in the MS society’s annual bike ride.

“Every year we seem to have a new reason to ride,” said Gamblin. “Actually a few people reached out to me just after I posted this and have said they were recently diagnosed so every year there’s somebody to ride for and that list just keeps growing.”

This is the second year Gamblin has built an igloo, last year’s was built in the backyard and lasted well into the spring due to the shade it got. He isn’t expecting this year’s to last quite as long.

“I think it can hold up no problem for a week in this temperature but it’s just not going to be as pretty,” said Gamblin.

The fundraising goal is $10,000, he’ll spend one night in the igloo for $3,000, a second for $3,000 as well and a third night for $4,000.

“I’m not concerned about the structure because it’s already set itself,” said Gamblin. “I don’t think it’ll fall in, it’ll just kind of slowly start to melt more than anything and as it melts who knows maybe I’ll get a block to the head but I think we’re okay.”

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Amanda Anderson