Clive Doucet launches mayoral campaign with promise of regional rail service, lower transit fares

Doucet rail plan

Mayoral candidate Clive Doucet is making transit a cornerstone of his campaign.

Doucet officially launched his bid for mayor of Ottawa Thursday, with the slogan “A City for Everyone.”

His main plank is a regional rail system, akin to the GO Train in the GTA. Doucet wants to use existing rail infrastructure to send commuter trains to Smiths Falls, Limoges, Kinburn, and Chelsea.

“My plan will remove 20,000 cars from the 417, making it easier and safer for Ottawa residents to get to work, whether they are taking transit, driving or cycling,” Doucet said in a press release.

Part of Doucet’s plan involves getting abandoned rail lines operational again.

Doucet is also promising to lower transit fares, expand free service for senior citizens, and extend the student U-Pass program to part-time post-secondary students.

He did not immediately say how much his plan would cost.

The municipal election is October 22.