Community groups step up to assist flood victims

It was a busy day in the kitchen at the Sukh Sagar Sikh Temple in New Westminster Sunday.

Holly Mitton and her team at Guru Nanak’s free kitchen were preparing food that will soon be sent off to communities affected by the floods.

"There's a lot of resources right now being provided for essential items, but one of the things that people aren't getting is freshly cooked, nutritious meals," said Mitton.

The non-profit hands out fresh meals to those living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

However, after the floods devastated so many communities around the province, Mitton said her group knew they had to help in some way.

"Whenever there's a need in the community, we really want to help out in any way we can," she said.

In the coming days, their food will be loaded up onto helicopters and sent to affected areas in the Fraser Valley, as well as Indigenous communities along Highway 8.

Anyone in need can contact them through their website

That same warm spirit is being duplicated out at Mission Raceway Park, which has opened its gates to any evacuees in RVs or campers, free of charge.

"Anybody in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, anywhere, if they need a place to stay, just know that our gates here at Mission Raceway Park are open and we will be able to bring you in here and help you and your family during this devastating time," said Steve Sikora, membership coordinator for the B.C. Custom Car Association, which holds the land rights to the park.

Sikora says the park’s bathrooms are currently winterized, but they can offer other amenities.

“We do have lighting, we have restaurants across the street, we have grocery stores,” Sikora said. "We want to make it as easy as possible, because you're going through the worst possible time, and if you come down here we can make it a little bit better."