District of North Vancouver considers fireworks ban as Vancouver readies for first year of its own ban


As the city of Vancouver nears its first Halloween with a fireworks ban, the neighbouring District of North Vancouver is considering a similar move.

The change in the North Shore municipality would ban the average person or business from selling or using fireworks. Instead, only trained fireworks technicians with event permits from the city’s fire chief would be allowed to use them.

Under current regulations, residents of the forest-rich municipality can purchase a permit from the fire department and set off fireworks on private property on Halloween between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

The potential ban is being considered based on complaints of nuisance and public safety, as well as concerns about fireworks being disruptive or harmful to both domestic and wild animals.

The City of North Vancouver, next door to the District of North Vancouver, has already banned regular citizens from fireworks, while West Vancouver requires citizens to purchase a $5 permit. Several other cities within Metro Vancouver also have bans on fireworks.

As of Nov. 1, 2020, Vancouver banned the sale and use of fireworks by the general public. Only certified pyrotechnicians who have permits are allowed to use them within the city’s boundaries.

Under the District of North Vancouver’s proposal to ban fireworks, people and businesses could be fined $300 to $500 for illegally selling or using fireworks in the city.

The district’s council discussed the possible ban and heard from residents during a public meeting on Oct. 12. The outcome of that meeting is that the proposal will be further discussed and voted on in November at a regular council meeting, after Halloween 2021.