Drought conditions improve in Mississippi Valley

Rulers measuring water levels during a drought.

Drought conditions in the Mississippi Valley watershed have improved, thanks to some recent snow and rain.

The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority says the snow and rain over the last two weeks has "improved the recovery process" and water levels are trending toward normal historic conditions.

The MVCA is now calling their situation a "minor drought." The drought conditions in the watershed had been listed as severe as recently as December, 2016.

The Authority is still encouraging residents on wells to be cautious of their usage while the ground is frozen. MVCA Water Management Supervisor Gord Mountenay said in a statement, "it is less likely that we will experience any runoff and infiltration into the soils as the winter progresses."

Individuals or businesses within the Mississippi Valley watershed that are experiencing difficulties with their wells can contact the Conservation Authority by calling 613-253-0006 ext. 233 or 243.