Election 2021: Calgary city council results by ward

Calgary city hall is shown in a stock photo. (Getty Images)

Monday's municipal election was more than a mayoral race. There were also 14 council seats up for grabs.

Here's a rundown on the new unofficial list of council members.

Ward 1

Sonya Sharp has been declared victorious.

"Thank you to all Ward 1 residents," Sharp said in an emailed statement. "I've got your back. We all came together with hope for our city's future. Now let's get to work."

Ward 2

Jennifer Wyness has been declared victorious.

"People ask me what kind of leader I am," Wyness said in an email. "I always said I listen first and speak last. We have all felt isolated at times through the challenges of COVID-19 and economic uncertainty, and there still lay challenges ahead. To work through these challenges, we as Calgarians will need to come together, we will need to be positive, we will need to be empathetic."

Ward 3

Jasmine Mian has been declared victorious.

"I’d like to thank the voters of Ward 3 for electing me as their councillor," she said in a statement. 

"It’s a tremendous honour to serve and I look forward to working alongside you. We have a bright future ahead in Calgary and I hope our newly-elected council will rise to the occasion that is this moment in our city’s story."

Ward 4

Incumbent Sean Chu has been declared victorious.

According to Elections Calgary, Chu defeated Daniel James (DJ) Kelly by a mere 52 votes.

Kelly says his team is nowpreparing to make an application for a recount under the Local Authorities Elections Act.

Ward 5

Raj Dhaliwal has been declared victorious.

"We are really proud of all the hard work that went to to our campaign. The residents of Ward 5 have spoken and are clearly in favour of the progressive vision we put forward," he said.

"I want to humbly thank my opponents and their teams for their care for Ward 5 and thank the thousands of people who shared their hopes and dreams with me on their doorsteps. I look forward to working together with the amazing communities of Ward 5 and my fellow councillors-elect to built a more sustainable city, where everyone has access to opportunity and the incredible residents of northeast Calgary can thrive."

Ward 6

Richard Pootmans has been declared victorious.

Ward 7

Terry Wong has been declared victorious. 

"I did not do this alone," Wong said on Facebook. "The community, the volunteers, the donations and everyone who showed their support one way or another."

"To all candidates, thank you for making this a great campaign to run with," he said. "I look forward to serving you as your 2021 Ward 7 city councillor." 

Ward 8

Courtney Walcott has been declared victorious.

"Today, we will start the important work of building Calgary for the future together," Walcott said in a tweet

"I am excited to lead this work as your Ward 8 city councillor. 

"To everyone who cast a ballot for any of the candidates, thank you. Voting is just one part of having your voice heard and honored. I can't wait to get started!"

Ward 9

Gian-Carlo Carra has been declared victorious.

"We knew Ward 9 was going to be a very tough fight in the context of the most important election our city has ever faced," Carra said, in a statement. "On the ballot was a critical question regarding the type of city we wanted to be - the great city of inclusive, resilient, thriving neighbourhoods that we began shifting towards 11 years ago, or a city enmeshed in an angry nostalgia seeking comfort in a return to some kind of business as usual.

"East Calgary has been at the forefront of this shift," he added, "and we knew the discomfort this caused would make this question all the more fraught. We honestly didn't think it would be this close but I'm deeply gratified to have held the line, and that I get to join a council that overwhelmingly represents Calgarians' collective choice to rise."

Ward 10

Andre Chabot has been declared victorious.

"Thank you Ward 10 for the support in the 2021 Calgary municipal election," Chabot said on his Facebook page.

Ward 11

Kourtney Branagan has been declared victorious.

"I am honoured to continue the many conversations I've had with Ward 11 residents around their hopes for Calgary," read a statement.

"I will work to build relationships with my fellow councillors and community leaders to realize the improvements needed in our neighbourhoods. We have an opportunity ahead of us to change the trajectory of Calgary. I won't shy away from the bold conversations we need to have to address our challenges."

Ward 12

Evan Spencer has been declared victorious.

"I look forward toworking hard for the residents of Ward 12 and hitting the ground running with my 25-Initiative Plan that was informed by the communities in the ward," Spencer said in a statement. "Ward 12 has made it very clear that they have no time for divisive politics. Positivity wins. Thank you for your trust.”

Ward 13

Dan McLean has been declared victorious.

Ward 14

Peter Demong has been declared victorious.

"I want to offer my sincerest thanks to the people of Ward 14 for placing their trust in me again," said Demong in a statement. "They are my friends and neighbours, and regardless of how they voted today I want everyone to know that they can always reach out to me. Serving as their representative on City Council has been my greatest privilege, but there is more work to be done. I am eager to meet my new colleagues, and begin to collaborate with them to move Calgary forward.