Epic timelapse video shows Sask. tornado forming

A video captured by a Saskatchewan man shows a kayaker paddling away from a developing tornado.

In the timelapse clip captured and shared by Al Bowman, the kayaker steadily paddles to safety as the tornado forms near Manitou Beach, Sask.

Meanwhile, in the background, a tornado begins to take shape. The twister was one of three confirmed in the province on Wednesday, by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

The full video can be viewed using the player above.

In interview with CTV News, Bowman said at first the woman didn't know what was developing behind her.

"She was out for a nice little leisurely quiet paddle," he said by phone.

"At some point, (she) looked over her shoulder and saw this and wow, she started looking for somewhere to go."

Bowman said she exited the lake near where he was located and the two took shelter under a playground structure as a storm cell arrived and it began hailing.

"We just kind of babbled at each other for a couple of minutes," Bowman said.

"That was a very scary thing."

Bowman said he never meant to capture the tornado forming, he had just meant to record the developing storm. He said he didn't know what he had managed to record until he watched the video.

"I tell you what, it looks way bigger in person than it does on a TV screen. It's big, man. It's big."

Environment Canada rated the tornado as an EF0, which is the weakest rating on the scale that measures the strength of tornados.

However, the weather agency said the rating could change as more information becomes available.