Expansion of landfill gas collection project finishes under budget 

A new landfill gas collection well recently installed at OVWRC

The Landfill Gas Collection Expansion at the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre has finished on-time and under budget. 

The project installed 12 new wells, to the already existing 28 wells at the site, over a fourth-month period. 

The project was budgeted to cost about $550,000 but came in just over $500,000. 

The centre is required by the government to collect lanfill gas, something they've been doing since 2009.

The captured methane gas is converted to carbon dioxide before being released into the atmosphere; a process that minimizes the severity of the centre's impact on climate change. 

Installation of more landfill gas wells is not expected until 2025 as additional areas of the landfill reach final capacity.  


From CFRA's Colton Praill