Extra train coming on Confederation Line: Councillor


Another train will soon arrive at Confederation Line stations.

After meeting with OC Transpo General Manager John Manconi on Thursday, Councillor Shawn Menard said “the systems continue to be worked on and will see a 14th train soon.”

OC Transpo currently operates 13 trains during the busy periods, with two extra trains in the yard.

Commuters have complained of packed trains during the morning and afternoon commute, with some waiting on the platform for a second train.

Menard writes “I’ve been a critic of Ottawa’s transit system but we must get this right.” The Capital Ward Councillor adds “after some tough but good discussion with Mr. Manconi today, I feel we are moving in this direction.”

The experiences of riders which have highlighted issues with service needing to be replaced regularly, despite “no major issues” (we run 13 trains and have been replacing trains with the extra 2 as needed). The systems continue to be worked on and will see a 14th train added soon

— Shawn Menard (@ShawnMenard1) October 17, 2019

Meantime, fellow rookie Councillor Laura Dudas will be introducing an inquiry at Wednesday’s Council meeting to raise “some serious concerns to OC Transpo Management regarding the OC Transpo bus service post-LRT launch.”

In a post to constituents, Dudas says “the level of bus service from OC Transpo has been completely unacceptable with over-crowded stations, packed buses, cancelled buses, and missing scheduled stops.”

The Innes Ward Councillor notes residents have reported experiencing delays on several routes, including a delay of more than 20 minutes on route 228 on October 7.

Dudas says her inquiry directs staff to produce “clear and concise solutions” to improve the transit service. The inquiry asks staff to look at ensuring buses arrive as scheduled and look at reducing the number of cancelled trips.

At Wednesday's #Ottawa City Council, I am introducing an Inquiry raising my serious concerns to OC Transpo Management regarding the @OC_Transpo bus service post-LRT launch. https://t.co/UMyOA83uvL #OttLRT #OttCity #OttTransit

— Laura Dudas (@Laura_Dudas) October 17, 2019