Former corrections minister pleased with progress at OCDC

Innes Jail

Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi says he's pleased with progress made at the Innes Road Jail.

Naqvi struck up a task force to deal with overcrowding at the jail seven months ago, while he was the Minister of Corrections.

He says based on the photographs of Thursday's tour, the facility looks a lot cleaner.

"I think we made some very important changes that are having an impact, not to mention basic sanitary practices" Naqvi says. "But also, by having more corrections staff in place. So that allows for fewer lockdowns and more opportunities for inmates to have yard time."

Naqvi adds the addition of the full body scanner and the shuffling of inmates to other facilities has made conditions in the jail a lot better.

"Keeping the numbers down, by diverting some people to other correction institutions, is making a difference."

He says as Attorney General he's working on a bail review to try to shorten the amount of time people stay in remand.

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