Free 15-minute parking being offered in Windsor through Passport Parking App


The City of Windsor is giving 15 minutes of free parking for users of the Passport Parking App.

In order to activate the free parking, users have to log in to the app, type in zone #3800 then their licence plate number.

Anyone who doesn’t have the app can download it on their mobile device through their normal app provider and get started. This offer is good only through the parking app.

If the user is staying longer, they can go back into the app for a regular parking transaction.

The app doesn’t replace coin operations in Windsor, so drivers who wish to still use coins rather than the app that links to their credit card are still be able to do so.

Since it was implemented in December of 2017, the number of meters now hosting the Passport Parking app has reached 1,400 and includes 31 surface lots. At this time, the app cannot be used in the city’s two municipal parking garages.