Jubzi and Hand in Hand Support team up to clean-up Windsor streets


Non-profit organization Hand in Hand Support and local food delivery service Jubzi have partnered to clean city streets.

The event is called ‘Clean our Streets’ and is scheduled on Saturday, Dec. 11 where guests of Hand in Hand Support, Jubzi and the community will work together to clean-up Windsor’s west end.

Hand in Hand Support is dedicated to the needs of marginalized populations and people seeking recovery. The organization imparts the message to keep your side of the street clean in recovery to all of its members, embracing accountability as part of the recovery process.

“One of the largest contributors to homelessness is addiction”, says Thanos Zikantas CEO of Jubzi Inc. “Growing up with an alcoholic father, it was clear that without my family’s support he would have ended up on the streets, hungry and alone. Addiction reaches deep in my heart, and if there is anything that Jubzi can do to help, we are there.”

The organization says “keeping your streets clean” in recovery mean making good choices, owning up to bad ones and working toward reconciliation with the community.

“Our guests come from every walk of life, all working towards recovery.” Says Liz Geddes board president Hand in Hand. “They are very grateful to the community, and they want to give back in any way they can. Spending the day cleaning our streets sends a strong message that everyone is accountable while also deserving a dignified second chance.”

Community members interested in taking part in the event are asked to join the Clean Our Streets Windsor Facebook page for updates, instructions and notices.