Landscapers volunteer to prepare National Military Cemetery for Remembrance Day

Landscapers volunteer their time to prepare the National Military Cemetery for Remembrance Day.

With Remembrance Day just one week a day, work is underway to prepare the National Military Cemetery for the ceremonies to be held there.

Around 30 landscapers volunteered their time Friday to blow leaves, fix flower beds and aerate the soil.

Chris Urquhart is the owner of Green Unlimited; his wife began this initiative 11 years ago.

"It's fantastic to see this many people," he says. "It shows how many people really care in our industry for the Cemetery, and for the soldiers who gave us the freedom that we have. We live the way we live because these guys sacrificed for us."

Urquhart says he's not doing it for any kind of exposure. This work has its own reward.

"I know it's not a very mainstream media type thing that we do here, but it doesn't really matter for that," Urquhart says. "It matters when a family comes and sees the care that's given and the respect that's paid to their relatives, who are buried here."


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