Liberal leader pledges to bring back 'Our London Family Act'

The Ontario Liberal leader has reiterated support for the proposed ‘Our London Family Act' — a bill that hits close to home for Londoners.

Steven Del Duca visited the hotly-contested riding of London North Centre Wednesday evening, speaking at the parental home of Liberal candidate Kate Graham.

He touted the Liberal party’s platform to a tent full of party faithful, then took questions from reporters.

The proposed ‘Our London Family Act' is aimed at fighting Islamophobia, in light of the alleged attack that killed four members of a Muslim family and injured a child last June 6. The bill, which was introduced by the NDP, died on the order paper when the election was called.

Del Duca said the bill was not about partisanship, then criticized the Ford government for not supporting it.

“And we have already made the commitment that if elected we will introduce and pass the Our London Family Act,” said Del Duca. “Let me just say, deeply, deeply disappointing that despite the fact that they had a majority in the legislature and had months to be ready for this, the Ford Conservatives chose to not get this legislation passed.”