Musicians band together for Ukraine fundraiser

A number of local bands took the stage Sunday afternoon and rocked out at a Ukraine fundraiser.

The concert featured a handful of established and up-and-coming talent playing at the Bulldog Event Centre on Main Street.

Event organizer and promoter Mandy Ducharme said it is a way for musicians and music lovers alike to help people directly impacted by the war.

“A lot of people have lost their homes, their families, you know. There’s refugees coming into Canada. We’re just doing whatever we can just to raise money for Ukraine and go towards that cause,” said Ducharme.

All funds raised through ticket sales, a 50-50 draw, and a silent auction are being donated to the Red Cross to help humanitarian efforts in the war-torn country.

“As entertainers, we have voices we can use to promote things that are on our minds,” said Ducharme. “It’s our job, we’re in the public eye.”