North Bay's Canada Place waterfront project delayed

North Bay Waterfront Canada Place

A disappointed Hariett Madigan walked along the North Bay waterfront at the future site of Canada Place.

The project will include a new walkway, seating and gardens meant to recognize diversity and inclusion.

"With new people in our community, and immigrants and all the citizens of the city and all of it visitors, we wanted to have a special gathering place," said Madigan who is the co-chair of the North Bay Heritage Gardeners.

The Heritage Gardeners are spearheading the Canada Place project, which has been in the works since 2017 in honour of the country's 150th anniversary.

The project is being delayed due to product availability, and labour costs which has doubled the original $120,000 price tag.

The heritage gardeners went to tender for spring 2022 construction only to find costs inflated.

"You have to go with the climate as I say and go with the flow," said Madigan. "But we're determined to have the project finished."

The federal government previously committed $50,000 for Canada Place.

Nipissing-Timiskaming MP Anthony Rota expressed his disappointment with the project's delay Saturday.

"I just encourage the volunteers and the people working on it to keep going and not to give up because it's a beautiful project that will benefit the waterfront and benefit all people of North Bay," Rota said.

The request for additional funds to make up the shortfall will be presented to city council for the 2023 fiscal budget. This will create another year delay in completing the project.

"This is your place to meet with your family. This is a jewel of our community right here and Canada Place will be another jewel," said Madigan.

Responsibility for the project will he turned over to the city... but the Heritage Gardeners will retain responsibility for walkway brick sale, purchase, and engraving.