Nanaimo old-growth logging protest: 3 activists arrested after blocking traffic

A group opposed to old-growth logging in British Columbia disrupted traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway in Nanaimo on Monday.

About a dozen activists joined the "Save Old Growth" protest at the intersection of Comox Road and Terminal Avenue (Trans-Canada Highway) starting at 11 a.m.

The blockade was short-lived and three activists were arrested minutes after stopping southbound traffic along Terminal Avenue. Other activists continued the protest on the sidewalk.

A simultaneous old-growth protest was scheduled for Vancouver.

Several members of the group were arrested last month during protests in Victoria and Nanaimo, which tied up traffic on the highway for several hours.

A spokesperson for Save Old Growth says the protests will continue later this week and into the foreseeable future until old-growth logging ends in B.C.

"The government has an option to fulfill its election promises or send nonviolent people on the motorways to jail,” said Brent Eichler in a statement Sunday.

“We will be back next week to do it again," said Nanaimo protester Vic Brice on Monday. "Hopefully the government will eventually figure out that they should do their job."