Ottawa and area businesses selling face masks during COVID-19 pandemic

Ottawa’s Medical Officer of Health suggests Ottawa residents wear a mask or face-covering when going into public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Vera Etches says wearing a mask helps to protect people you may come into contact with when you’re out in the community.

“It provides an added layer of protection.”

Here’s a look at some of the places in Ottawa that sell masks for the public.


Ottawa-based Thawrih has shifted production to face masks for residents to wear during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The SportsMask and TerryMask provides complete coverage of the nostrils and mouth and fits snugly on the contours of the face.

You can order the masks online at

AboutFace Masks

Fashion lover, author and communications strategist Julie Beun started AboutFace Masks. She was joined by graphic designer Lissa Constantine and a handful of sewing queens.

To order an AboutFace Masks, visit

Downtown Cobbler/Ottawa Face Masks

The Downtown Cobbler and Ottawa Face Masks sell a variety of masks and assorted headbands.

Ottawa Face Masks tailors cloth masks and provides contactless transactions.

You can order masks at

Masks Ottawa

Masks Ottawa sells masks.

For more information visit

Ottawa Artisans

Ottawa Artisans has a list of masks available on its website.

To purchase, visit

Colortex Screen Printing & Embroidery

Colortex, based in Gloucester, is selling face masks three to a pack. Proceeds are being donated to the Ottawa Community Foundation.

Learn more at

Kehingi Vintage

Hand-made masks are available for curbside pick-up or delivery from this local crafter. 

Their shop is at

Fabric Masks

Ottawa based Fabric Masks sells masks for residents.

The hand-made masks are 100 per cent cotton, and offer full coverage and confort.

You can order at

Stephano’s Tailor Shop

Stephano’s Tailor Shop is celling washable cotton masks.

For every mask sold, one will be donated.

For more information, visit

Life More Simple

Life More Simple is selling reusable cloth masks.

To purchase, visit

Benton's Menswear Ottawa

Benton's Menswear is making non-medical masks for adults and children, made to order.

You can buy them at


If you know a place selling masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, please let CTV News Ottawa know.