Ottawa considers regulations for tow truck drivers and companies


Ottawa residents are being asked to provide feedback on the city’s towing industry.

The city has launched a “Towing Services Regulatory Review” as part of a review to see if the City of Ottawa needs regulations for towing companies, tow truck drivers and storage yards.

While the City of Ottawa regulates towing services through provisions found in the Traffic and Parking Bylaw, there is no business licencing or regulatory regime for the towing industry in Ottawa.

The city says it regularly receives concerns and complaints about towing services, particularly about billing, business practices, safety on the road, safety at collision scenes and alleged illegal activities.

You can fill out the survey on the City of Ottawa’s website, or email with feedback until June 30.

Questions on the survey include whether the City of Ottawa needs specific regulations for tow truck companies and drivers in order to promote better public safety and consumer protection, and whether training for tow truck drivers should be required to ensure safety and protection of property.

One questions asks if you agree or disagree that “the city should regulate rates for towing services to help prevent overcharging.”

The City of Ottawa has launched a second survey for employees and owners in the tow truck industry.

A report will be presented to the Community and Protective Services Committee later this year with recommendations on potential regulations for the towing industry.

The survey was launched a month after the RCMP charged three Ottawa Police officers with breach of trust following an investigation into an alleged tow truck tip-off scheme.