Ottawa paramedic helps deliver baby on very first shift

An Ottawa paramedic crew of three members (middle), including one who was on his very first shift, helped deliver a healthy baby girl at an Ottawa home Tuesday morning. Left to right: Commander Joe Micucci; PCP Mehran Massom; ACP Simon Blanchard; PCP Mike Vareta; Acting Commander Reid Purdy. (Photo submitted by the Ottawa Paramedic Service)

An Ottawa paramedic who was on his very first shift on the road helped deliver a baby Tuesday morning.

In a release, the Ottawa Paramedic Service says they were called at around 6:30 a.m. when a woman in her 30s was experiencing frequent contractions in her home.

When a paramedic crew arrived at the home they were met by a doula who was supporting the mother. It was determined that birth was imminent so the crew of three paramedics remained on scene to lend their aid.

By 6:56 a.m. a healthy baby girl was born. Both mom and baby were taken to the hospital for further care.

The paramedic crew was three because the typical crew of two—Primary Care Paramedic Michael and Advanced Care Paramedic Simon—was joined by Primary Care Paramedic Mehran, who was on his very first shift. He had just begun his new recruit orientation process.

Mehran was awarded a stork pin, a special pin given to Ottawa paramedics who aid in live births. Michael and Simon were also given pins.

"Our sincerest congratulations to mom, dad, and Ottawa’s latest big brother!" the Ottawa Paramedic Service said.