Prince Albert homicide victim remembered as 'hard-working and helpful'

Alex Whitehead was known for being hard-working and helpful, his family says. (Courtesy Charmaine Poorman)

Charmaine Poorman isn’t ready to forgive the man accused of killing her brother, but she says her brother would.

“My brother would forget anybody who would hurt him in any sort of way. He would move on from that, and say we can move past this, we could be friends at one point. But he’s not here to forgive him, and I’m not ready to forgive anybody that took his life," Poorman outside Prince Albert Provincial Court on Thursday.

21-year-old Richard Budd is charged with second-degree murder in the New Year’s Day death of 20-year-old Alex Whitehead in Prince Albert.

The case is adjourned for three weeks while the Crown and defense exchange information related to the case.

Poorman says Whitehead was trying to protect his friends during an altercation when he was stabbed twice. He was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries.

Poorman was one of many relatives and loved ones of Whitehead in court on Thursday. She describes him as athletic and caring.

“He’s not a kid who would go and hurt somebody the way that he has been hurt. He is loved by so many people throughout this community,” said Poorman. “He’s hard-working and helpful.”

She says they will continue to appear in court for as long as it takes to get justice for her brother.

“Our goal is to be there for every single one of these trials and court hearings in the hopes that he gets the justice that he deserves,” she said.

While the investigation continues, Poorman feels somewhat safer knowing the accused is in custody. But she says she doesn’t feel completely safe yet.

“I feel somewhat better, but I know there was more than one person involved in this situation, and I would feel 100 per cent more safe and secure when I hear of more arrests. I just hope all who were involved get arrested, and charged for what they deserve.”

Budd faces additional charges related to the incident.