Regina police dog seriously injured during arrest

Police Service Dog Ralph was injured during an arrest on May 19, 2022. (Source: @reginapolice/Twitter)

A Regina police dog was seriously injured during an arrest of a man charged with sexual assault, on Thursday morning.

Police responded to the 600 block of Garnet Street on to arrest a 34-year-old man, alleged to have sexually assaulted a 24-year-old woman on May 9, according to a news release. Police said the suspect fled after he was seen leaving his residence.

The police dog was sent in pursuit of the suspect. RPS said he bit the suspect’s leg, but then broke away unexpectedly. Shortly after, the canine officer reported the dog was injured.

The Regina Police Service (RPS) said Police Service Dog Ralph is expected to make a full recovery.

Ralph was taken to a veterinary clinic immediately for treatment, according to police.

“Our K9s give a lot in service to the humans of our community,” RPS said in a tweet.

Our K9s give a lot in service to the humans of our community. In making an arrest of a man accused of sexually assaulting a 24 year-old woman, PSD Ralph was seriously injured, but he will recover. #goodboi

— Regina Police (@reginapolice) May 19, 2022

The suspect is facing numerous charges including sexual assault, possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose and injuring a law enforcement animal.

He made his first appearance on these charges in Provincial Court on Friday.