Sask. reveals rough timeline for COVID-19 vaccine approval for children between ages 5 to 11

The provincial government has given an expected date for when vaccines for children between 5 and 11.

The province’s top doctor Dr. Saqib Shahab says Pfizer has submitted a request to give a lower dose vaccine to children aged 5 to 11.

“Vaccines may be available by November and I think many provinces are looking forward to that," said Shahab, “we are looking forward with anticipation that vaccine for 5 to 11-year-old's will be approved by Health Canada by November.”

Shahab specified there is no firm timeline in place just yet.

Lea Corpuz is a mother to three children under the age of 11 and for her, the news of approved vaccines is welcoming.

“I’m so happy if the vaccine will come so my kids are safer and I won’t have to worry about COVID at school,” said Corpuz.

She says it would remove the hassle of having to test her children for COVID-19.

“I have to swab test them because there is somebody at school (who has) coronavirus.”

According to the province, about a third of cases are coming from school aged children. Cory Neudorf, Saskatchewan Health Authority Interim Senior Medical Officer, says getting children vaccinated could help push the province to achieve an 85 to 95 per cent overall vaccination rate.

“Including children in that age category as eligible for immunization, it just really helps to increase immunity for our province,” said Neudorf.

Neudorf says parents should have no concerns over giving children vaccines if it is approved by Health Canada.

“With these vaccines, they find the lowest effective dose possible so that kids don’t have unnecessary side effects.”