Saskatoon man says three dogs ‘tried to kill his dog’ at off-leash dog park

When Barrett Ross walked into the off-leash Fred Mendel dog park last week, he didn’t expect what was going to happen to his 13-year-old terrier dog named Indy.

“These three dogs came over, and the minute they passed me I dropped the leash and turned around to go for Indy because they had a look,” he said.

Ross says the three dogs that looked like huskies attacked his dog. He says he grabbed one of the dogs and threw it on the ground while attempting to help Indy. During the altercation, his hand was bit by one of the dogs.

“He was on his back biting back and doing what he can to save his life from three dogs way bigger than him," Ross said.

Indy suffered a punctured bowel, lost a tooth and “his neck and stomach were ripped open in two spots.”

Ross alleges he called for the owner of the other dogs to help but he “seemed to be standing back and watching how it played out.”

“I was angry, I guess, that the owner seemed to be pretty either nonchalant or almost callous about the whole thing too, like it was inconveniencing him somehow,” he said.

Ross says he threatened to call the cops and the owner hurried to put leashes on his three dogs and left the park. Ross later posted on Facebook about the altercation,which led to over 1,000 shares. Through the over 300 comments, he was able to find the owner and get in touch.

CTV News reached out to the other dog owner who declined an interview. However, he says he offered to pay the vet bills but says Ross refused. He alleges he spoke with the vet who says it’s not true Indy will need up to five more appointments.

Ross says the other owner agreed to pay the initial bill but has since rescinded his offer. The owner has also hired a lawyer.

“Indy could still go septic and die. Like he might have to go to the dentist. I'm like, 'I'm not absolving you anything,'” Ross said.

Ross says he reported the dogs to animal control as he’s worried they might hurt other dogs and people.

“When you’re at a dog park you’re accountable for them and they’re kind of an extension of you. These three dogs tried to kill my dog and he didn’t really seem to care it seems, he seemed annoyed by it if anything.”

In an email to CTV News, the city says an investigation is currently underway by the Saskatoon Animal Control Agency to ensure all facts are documented and responsible parties are held accountable.

Off-leash dog parks designated for small dogs are currently proposed for CharlottePark and Hyde Park. The proposal is currently in the public engagement phase and will go to city council in June.