Scarborough restaurant searches for customer in viral video who braved Monday's snowstorm

The owner of a Scarborough restaurant is searching for a customer who braved the snowstorm on Monday, hoping to get food, only to be brought down to their knees because it was closed.

Nicey's Eatery posted to Instagram earlier this week a security video that shows a man walking in knee-deep snow towards the front of the restaurant. When he gets close to the door, he sees that it was closed that day.

The man drops to his knees in the snow, staying in that position for a few seconds. He then gets up and leaves with his head down.

"He (was probably) thinking, 'oh my god, I can't believe this. They're closed. What am I going to do next? What is my meal? I have to go home and cook now? This is not happening.'," the restaurant's owner Valerie Lai told CP24 Friday evening.

Lai said she could not believe it when she first saw the video.

"What was on his mind? Like, why would he come out in this type of weather to come to our store, and what kind of food did he want and what was on his menu for that day? But yeah, I would love to know," said Lai, who's been looking for the person for four days now.

Nicey's Eatery is located in the area of Finch Avenue East and Markham Road and serves Caribbean food.

Lai said many people have come to the restaurant to show support since the video went viral after it was posted on their social media.

"I have to thank him. He is my angel in disguise," Lai said.

"I feel very moved that you know somebody would do something like this. So, if you're out there watching this, please come by and see me."

She added, "There's not a lot of people who get this chance to go viral and I just want to thank everybody out there who comes through our door every day for their patience, for supporting us throughout these years and I do mean it from the bottom of my heart."

Approximately 55 centimetres of snow fell in Toronto on Monday.