Simcoe County residents can now swap out large waste, recycling carts

Simcoe County residents overwhelmed by the size of waste carts rolled out last fall can now request something smaller.

The County's cart exchange online portal is now open, with the delivery of smaller carts expected in March.

The County launched the program in response to complaints that many residents found the carts too cumbersome to move.

The program does not apply to residents of Barrie and Orillia.


Residents and business owners can downsize one or both of their recycling and garbage carts.

The standard garbage cart can be swapped for one that is 120 litres, the size of the default organics cart.

The recycling cart can be traded for one that is the size of the standard garbage cart (240 litres) or standard organics cart (120 litres)

There is no option to downsize the organics cart.


Residents and businesses can make one trade per calendar year at no cost until July 30. After that, cart swaps will cost $50 each.

The County said it would also monitor the use of bag tags to set out extra waste at homes and businesses that have opted for smaller carts and may force a return to the larger carts if overages persist.

In October, county staff said that the exchanges could cost as much as $3.9 million in 2022 to add staff, equipment, vehicles, and systems to make it all happen.

The County had anticipated five to 12 per cent of households would request to switch carts.