'Speed limits are set for ideal conditions': Wet weather prompts warning for drivers

With much of Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland under rainfall warnings this weekend, ICBC is warning drivers to be careful.

The insurer says more accidents happen in wet weather.

"In general, we do see an increase in the number of crashes on our roads when the weather turns bad," said Mark Milner, road safety program manager for ICBC.

"You always need to make sure that you're driving for the conditions you're in, whether those are traffic conditions or weather conditions," he said. "The speed limits are set for ideal conditions, so you may need to drive below the speed limit to be safe in your vehicle."

Rain also limits visibility, a concern as the days get shorter. Milner reminded drivers to always turn their headlights on while driving in the rain, and to keep an eye out for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles, who can be harder to see in the rain.

Drivers should leave themselves more time to get to their destinations and give themselves more room to stop when driving on wet roads.

More tips on driving in poor conditions can be found on the ICBC website.