Tag Along Toys in Kanata closing its doors by the end of the month

Patti Taggart

An independent local toy store that has been in business for nearly two decades is closing.

Tag Along Toys in Kanata will close its doors by the end of month.

Owner Patti Taggart says there was too much competition in Kanata from large box stores. The past few years has seen an increase in popularity of online shopping

“Online shopping has really affected the brick and mortar businesses… businesses in general,” says Taggart.

Tag Along Toys has two locations; one in Kanata on Terry Fox Drive, the other in the south end on Bank Street.

Taggart says she hoped the holiday season would help struggling sales, but when it didn’t she knew it was time to downsize to one location. “I think I’ve known in my heart that over a year that it was time to move on from this location.”

Taggart posted on social media Thursday and says she had received an outpouring of support from other local businesses and loyal customers.

She says, “I am going to miss it. I am sad. I am really sad. But I also known when one door closes another one opens.”

Customer Shauna Lavergne has shopped at Tag Along Toys for years because of the service and quality options. “They are people that have real families that are not just big market corporation that has access to every toy in the world... they actually care about if we like our toys.”

Retail expert Bruce Winder says the toy industry is evolving. Many millennial mothers shopping for toys are choosing to stay at home and shop. Winder says it is hard for small businesses to compete with box store prices. “Walmart is number one in toys in Canada... you see Amazon make some great strides in terms of gaining market share,” he says. “It leaves less room for independence to succeed.”

Tag Along Toys in Kanata will stay open for the new few weeks- all items are on sale. Items that aren’t sold will be moved to the Bank Street store that will remain open.

Taggart says she will remain a strong proponent for supporting local bossiness. “I can’t tell people where to shop,” she says. “But when you can support local business. They are the ones that are giving back, donating to local fundraisers and those are the things that your local businesses go to support.”

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