Timiskaming-Cochrane candidates share their plan for the riding

For the last three terms, NDP's John Vanthof has been Timiskaming Cochrane's MPP.

It's a large region, going as south as French River and Sturgeon Falls, up north to Cochrane and Iroquois Falls.

Vanthof said the most important issues in the riding are affordability and transportation.

"The main issue is affordability," said Vanthof.

"Even today, knocking on several doors, people on fixed incomes, people have to have a car, there's no transit here, they have to pay for gas. That's a huge issue."

Liberal candidate Brian Johnson and PC candidate Bill Foy did not make themselves available for an interview with CTV News.

For the Green Party, Kris Rivard from Sturgeon Falls is taking a second run at becoming MPP. Four years ago, he ran in Nipissing.

Rivard told CTV he's learned a lot over the past four years and that it's time to address the lack of health care in the region.

"The lack of health care and accessible doctors and nurses in the area, is a main issue," said Rivard.

"So, we're trying to incentivize doctors to come to the area and stay in the area."

"One way would be to help them with their housing costs and another way is providing more home care, virtual care and have more nurse practitioner clinics open," he added.

The candidates met in a debate Thursday night in Sturgeon Falls.

So far, Vanthof, Rivard, Garry Andrade, and Eric Cummings have attended debates in the region. Andrade reporesents the New Blue party, while Cummings is a Libertarian..

Other candidates running in the riding include Geoffrey Aitchison (Ontario Party), and Jeff Wilkinson (None of the Above Direct Democracy Party.)