'Updating the language': DATS changes name to be more inclusive


The City of Edmonton has changed the name of its adult paratransit service to be more inclusive.

Previously known as the Disabled Accessible Transit Service (DATS), the service will keep the same acronym but use the word Dedicated instead. The change takes effect Friday on International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

"Updating the language demonstrates a modern and informed understanding of and our commitment to the current and future DATS ridership," said Paul Schmold, manager of paratransit services, in a statement.

"It's about listening and acting on community and stakeholder feedback, along with the integral input and expertise of the DATS Advisory Group, in ensuring our services accurately reflect our commitment to providing equitable and inclusive transportation options for our riders."

DATS provides door-to-door transportation for approximately 10,000 riders unable to use conventional public transit.