Water levels on Rideau River recede, but flood warning remains in effect: RVCA

Flooding along the Rideau River Trail. Saturday, April 8, 2017.

Water levels on the Rideau River have dropped since the weekend, but the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority says a flood warning is still in effect.

The Authority says levels have dropped about 22 centimeters since Saturday's peak on the Long Reach between Burritts Rapids and Manotick, but not all areas are fully dry yet.

They say the river needs to drop another 34 centimeters before safe access to some neighbourhoods near Kemptville, such as Hilly Lane, can be restored.

Further, there is some rain in the immediate forecast, which could slow the decline in water levels. The RVCA also says a planned release of water from Big Rideau Lake--to reduce the water levels in the Rideau Canal reservoir lakes--will also slow down the decline. The RVCA says the release will be timed in such a way as to avoid causing levels along the Long Reach to increase again.

Flooded Ottawa parks, like Windsor and Brantwood, are drying out. Water levels have also receded on the Jock River near Richmond.

Still, the RCVA warns that rivers can still be dangerous this time of year, as the water is still cold and it can be moving quickly.