Wellington County market boxes bring a taste of the county to your front door

Farmers markets play an important part in any community - a place for a new businesses to test out their products, farmers to sell items off the farm and a popular place for people to visit.

Wellington County is once again bringing the market to you as it runs its farmers market box series.

The boxes are carefully curated and represent what each community has to offer.

“In 2020 while we were all navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, we weren't sure how that could impact the farmers markets,” said Christina Mann, economic development officer for the County of Wellington. “So we jumped on board with the idea instead of trying to get people to the markets, we brought the markets to the people.”

Local vendors, from farmers and producers, to artisans and crafters all take part in carefully curating items visitors and residents can expect to find at that particular market.

“We developed this farmers market box series where all eight markets within Wellington County came together and created this series of food that we could then share with the rest of the county,” said Brittney Livingston, farmer at Callehill Farm and market coordinator for the Erin Farmer's Market.

Livingston added: “First of all farmer’s markets are just incredible places to be. They're community oriented, [and] all of the vendors are always so happy to be there. The shoppers are also so wonderful in our community.”

Market boxes can be ordered on the county's Taste Real website.

Boxes are available through summer, or until sold out, and can be picked up or delivered right to your doorstep.

“Being able to showcase those things right across Wellington County was an opportunity that would never become available otherwise,” said Livingston.