What does the Royal Family mean in 2022? Daniele Hamamdjian reflects on the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

As Queen Elizabeth II marked 70 years on the throne, thousands upon thousands turned out in the streets of central London to mark the Platinum Jubilee festivities, hoping to catch a glimpse of Her Majesty.

But public appearances like these are becoming rarer and rarer for the 96-year-old monarch, as in recent years she's delegated more of her duties to younger members of the Royal Family.

“For the vast majority of people in the U.K., the Queen has simply always been around – if not as reigning monarch then as a princess. But with every event she now misses, it becomes increasingly clear we’re at the tail end of her time as sovereign," said Daniele Hamamdjian, CTV National News London News Bureau Correspondent.

Hamamdjian's personal reflections on the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and the state of the monarchy will air on Friday in the CTV News special "Reporter's Notebook: Queen's Platinum Jubilee."

These celebrations have also come during a tumultuous time for the Royal Family. Prince Andrew has faced allegations of sexual abuse stemming from his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, while Prince Harry and Meghan have stepped down as working royals amid tensions with the rest of the family and while alleging racism.

And abroad, more nations in the Commonwealth realm are considering cutting ties with the monarchy, just as Barbados did last year.

“No matter what one’s views are on the Royal Family, many see Queen Elizabeth II as a separate entity,” said Hamamdjian. “The tremendous turnout for her Platinum Jubilee is a testament to the U.K.’s deep affection for Her Majesty. Whether that affection can and will transfer to Prince Charles is the major question facing the British monarchy.”

"Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: Reporter’s Notebook by Daniele Hamamdjian" will premiere July 1 at 10:30 p.m. ET on CTV News Channel, the CTV News app and CTVNews.ca.

"One thing I often heard from those in the crowds was along the lines of…. ‘After a pandemic, and a war that shows no sign of ending, I want something happy, something to make me smile,'" Hamamdjian said. "I think viewers will get plenty of that in this special."