Witbit Sundays bringing fun to Orillia youth

Kids in the sunshine city have a new option to have fun in the water even when Mother Nature brings along some wet weather.

On Sunday, the City of Orillia debuted its Witbit water obstacle course. The new inflatable playground will operate on select Sundays throughout the coming months.

The funding came from the 2020 Ontario Winter Games committee, intending to reach out to youth in the community.

"The piece for the Ontario Winter Games organizing committee was really youth engagement; how are we going to engage youth in our community," says Christine Wareing, the City of Orillia's aquatic and fitness supervisor. "Really, the focus was those 12 to 17, the same as the age of those competing in the games, and in a fun and dynamic way."

The course is open to youth over the age of 7 on Witbit Sundays, which will be held about once a month.

When open, it will be in the lap pool. The leisure pool remains open on Witbit Sundays as usual.