Woman finds bunny fatally shot with arrow in backyard

Warning: Some readers may find the details in this article upsetting.

Provincial police are investigating after a New Tecumseth resident discovered a rabbit shot with an arrow in her backyard.

Police officers were called to a home on Fisher Drive in Everett Thursday after a woman said she found the wild rabbit bleeding and injured in her backyard.

"My heart just sank, and I knew I had to help this bunny," said Elizabeth Pato, Everett resident.

Pato said she took photos of the injured animal to provide to the police.

"The complainant's backyard area is open and consists of bushes and trees along the row of houses. There are no houses at the rear of the property," police stated in a release.

The bunny was taken to Procyon Wildlife animal rescue, where staff said it had to be euthanized because the arrow punctured its kidneys.

"You could tell it was really suffering," said Crystal Faye, Procyon Wildlife.

On its Facebook page, the wildlife centre posted, "The arrow was a target arrow, and there is no doubt that this was intentional. Such a senseless act to shoot such an innocent animal."

"Nottawasaga OPP is reminding the public to be mindful of hunting season time frames and also be mindful of where you are hunting and if it is legal to do so."

"It's not hunting season, and you can't be hunting rabbits in a residential area," Pato said. "I hope they find who did it."

Police said fines could be imposed depending on the situation, ranging from $150 to $300.

- With files from CTV's Kraig Krause