Ontario Tories, NDP set sights on soaring hydro rates


Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath made pit stops in Ottawa-Vanier Monday, where they hope to gain ground during the November by-election.

Both discussed the issue skyrocketing hydro bills, with Brown and PC candidate Andre Marin visiting the Lorenzo's Pizza on Queen Mary.

"We wanted to tell Eli's story," said Brown of owner Eli Kirkish. "His hydro bills have spiralled out of control. A 40-year establishment here, and he's never seen bills like this. Eli was showing us a bill - $2,400 for one month, with minimal use of hydro. That's not sustainable and we want to make sure that this story is heard around the province."

Brown and Marin announced the creation of HydroHorrorStory.ca, where residents can go to post their concerns.

The NDP announced a similar site, with Horwath and candidate Claude Bisson speaking with reporters in front of the Ottawa River.

"The Premier needs to realize that the cost of hydro and the cost of the sell off and privatization of our electricity system is really, really well illustrated by the scenario we have here," said Horwath, pointing out that hydro bills in Gatineau averaged more than $100 less than here in Ottawa.

The by-election will be held November 17th.